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uuIE(MiniIE) is IE Browser component. Use the same Trident with Internet Explorer
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15 September 2008

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While working on any particular project on your PC, you need to click on the browser again and again. For the purpose, you need to minimize all the windows on your PC and then click on to the Internet Explorer icon on your desktop. The repetition of the task prove to be tedious to you and you might have wondered about an application that can help you in launching Internet Explorer without getting into the hassles of minimizing the windows. This has turned out to a reality in form of uuIE 1.10 application. It’s a IE Browser component, which is quite similar to Internet Explorer. It works as mini internet explorer that displays the web pages in concise form. The best part of the utility is that it stays at the top of all the windows in the form of a small icon and can be easily launched whenever required.

The mini IE, uuIE 1.10, is to be used in the same manner as the default internet explorer, hence is easy to use. It does not require any installation and is to be launched from the provided icon itself. When launched, it presents a compact window with your homepage and can be easily used as you search or browse on your default IE. It can be set as the icon any where on the screen and is displayed at the top of every window for easy access. It includes the different IE features like Address Bar, Stop button, Refresh, and stay on top icon. The small icon form makes it easy for you to launch and use the internet any time required, and even it does not disturbs the functioning of other windows. uuIE also grabs and displays the items in Favorite list. You can also open a new MiniIE, reload, block new window, Set language and also set the Internet options.

uuIE 1.10 is an easy to use MiniIE that provides an all new way of browsing. With the features that are similar to that of default Internet Explorer, it can be easily operated to perform different tasks like search, surf, log¬in, etc, for which it is deservingly rated with 3 points.

Publisher's description

uuIE is IE Browser component. Use the same Trident with Internet Explorer, so has same view with Internet Explorer. uuIE is developed as MiniIE, for show Web page in clear and succinct.
As be shown OnTop, can't be hidden by other windows. While minimized become icon button, not disturb other windows.
If want show news, weather forecast, flash games, and others in small window, Please Select uuIE.
(as part of uuAssistant. uuIE is first come with uuAssistant. Then next uuIE can also run as single. but the uuIE in uuAssistant is with more function like password protection, auto run with window's startup and others. If you like uuIE, I suggest you try uuAssistant.)
1, simple, clear and succinct. almost need't others space more than the showing Web page. And always OnTop, be convenient to access it.
2, Need not install, can run it after download.
3, Use the same favorites with Internet Explorer, and can add to or manage it.
4, uuIE is Multilanguage. Now with English (United States), Japanese (Japan), Chinese (PRC), Chinese (Taiwan).
Also you can add others language(need download source of uuIE and modify lang.ini file and put it to directory of Lang\ of uuIE).
5, uuIE is released with source code(for uuIE is used of framework of ccProc,and with no plan on provide source of ccProc, so I'm sorry that you can't compile it).
Version 1.11
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